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Why do Porsche cars have engines in the back?

Why do Porsche sports cars have engines in the back?

Porsche sports cars are some of the most sought after and beloved automobiles in human history, and for good reason.

Amazingly designed, perfectly engineered, and created with one thing and one thing only in mind – raw performance – these kinds of sports cars can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and people happily pay almost any price asked just to get the chance to own one!

And while most people are able to instantly recognize the Porsche profile has a distinctly “Porsche” trademark, another trademark of these sports cars is the engine placed in the rear of the vehicle rather than upfront like so many other automobiles on the road today.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly why Porsche engineers decided to put the engine in the back, hopefully we are able to shed a little bit of extra light on that subject for you right now!

Porsche put the heavy weight of the vehicle right over the drive wheels

Porsche sports cars (like so many others) take advantage of rear wheel drive configurations, intended to “push” the vehicle along rather than “pull” the vehicle along the way that front-wheel-drive configurations will.

Hoping to improve performance, the engineers at Porsche put the heaviest component in their vehicle – the engine – directly over the rear wheels of the car, all in an effort to promote a vehicle that “oversteers”.

Vehicles that oversteer can be controlled more easily at high speeds, are easier to steer around corners thanks to the light front and, and are a lot less likely to “wash out” the way that vehicles with the engine in the front can.

On top of that, by placing the heaviest part of the vehicle right over on top of the rear drive wheels, Porsche was able to dramatically improve traction – something that is critical when you are racing or traveling at top speeds through winding and tight roads.

Of course, not all is sunshine and roses when it comes to this kind of vehicle configuration from a performance standpoint.

By placing the engine in the rear of the vehicle, Porsche has had to come up with some pretty inventive ways to cool down the car as there isn’t any opportunity to suck air into the engine bay the way you can when the engine is leading the vehicle around at top speed.

Porsche engineers have obviously overcome this challenge (in a number of inventive ways) and today these vehicles are considered to be amongst the best performing cars ever produced!

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